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Whats all this about?!

Hallo dear readers,

this blog will soon be filled with information about different collectives that work in a
basic democratic manner, groups that run buisnesses that they manage and organize themselfs.

members of the collectivly run bar/restaurant cafe gagarin in vienna started a project in 2014
to connect with similar groups to exchange ideas, inspire and support each other.

this was done in the first step by meeting our comrades and now friends of the gólya pub in budapest.
in this process that we want to share with you on this site we learned a lot from each other.
besides having different economical and cultural backgrounds, we worked on the same issues
every selforganized group has to face: how to organize as a group and as a enterprise, how to deal with
capitalism and surving as political beings, how to interact in our communities, how to face internal problems, and
many more things..

to see different approaches to this topics helped a lot and we would like to share our experiences with a wider audience
so that ideas of solidarity economics, mutual aid and self organization might spread!

the next step will be a meeting in august with more collectives in thessaloniki, greece.
some of these collectives are from thessaloniki, also a group from bremen, germany, and people from
a collective farm in burgenland, austria, will attend the meeting.

we hope to learn from each others experiences and in the best case support each other in the future.
anyway, on this blog we will try to keep you updated about our projects as well as about the participating collectives.

a for the preperation group